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With Demand Response, You Get Paid to Cut Your Energy Bills

In the middle of a heat wave, around 5 p.m. when people begin arriving home from work and electricity demand spikes, a power outage often follows suit. But what if there were a way to prevent demand-driven blackouts without spending billions of dollars? That sort of electric grid silver bullet exists, it turns out, and it’s called demand response.

5 Evergreen Lessons From a 15th Century Entrepreneur

Today we honor Christopher Columbus day, a day that commemorates someone most people think of as an explorer.

6 Very Famous Celebrities Who Also Happen to Be Incredibly Successful Entrepreneurs

It’s undeniably true that entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Though perhaps best typified by someone like Richard Branson, entrepreneurs are an extremely diverse group of men and women.

UPDATE: 3 Education Companies That Are Making Teachers’ Lives A Whole Lot Easier

With overwhelmed teachers in mind, we’ve identified three education-focused companies—one of which operates outside of the digital landscape—that have quickly become teacher favorites thanks to their pioneering efforts within the space.

How Data Can Predict the Spread of Ebola, Make More Wine, and Maybe Save Your Life

We're living in a data-driven world, and it’s now more important than ever to understand what that means moving forward.

This Guy Robbed a Pizzeria and Now He's Suing the Owner for $250,000

Everyone knows that running a business, especially in the food industry, is tough. The hours are long, the demands are high, and every day brings a new challenge. But would you ever think a business like a small pizzeria would have to deal with being sued by the person who tried to rob them?

Why Does a California Mall Have Two Different Minimum Wages?

We are always interested in telling stories about America’s small businesses, which is why when we heard that stores on either side of a California mall were subject to two completely different minimum wage laws, we were intrigued, to say the least.

Everything You Think You Know About American Manufacturing Is Wrong. Here’s Why

American manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes, and in honor of Manufacturing Day, we want to celebrate the millions of companies that create their products in the United States.

4 Innovative Apps Designed to Help Those Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve created a list that highlights four of the most promising and innovative apps now available that are designed for people who have been diagnosed or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Inspired By Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Deep Space Industries Moves Closer to Goal of Mining Asteroids for Natural Resources

While the majority of its peers have thus far set their sights on reducing the cost of space travel, Deep Space is more concerned with what happens after the cost of space travel has been brought down to palatable levels, says David Gump, the company’s vice chair.