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Citing Economic Benefits, Report Ranks U.S. Cities by Walkability

Aug 20, 2014

With metropolitan areas across the United States continuing to pick up new residents, local officials are working to upgrade infrastructure to ensure it’s equipped to handle quickly rising demand. Certain cities are outpacing others in this modernization race, which is already yielding far-reaching economic and political repercussions, a new study conducted by George Washington University concluded.                   

Where Should Entrepreneurs Start a Business? 10 Cities & States, Ranked (Interactive Infographic)

Aug 4, 2014

The United States owes a lot to its entrepreneurs, who generate millions of jobs, drive innovation, and fuel economic growth. Yet for all they do to support the broader economy, entrepreneurs must nonetheless contend with complex federal and state laws and—depending on the city—burdensome local regulations. As it turns out, when it comes to entrepreneurs not all cities are created equal.

From Finance to Fracking: One Man’s Journey

May 23, 2014

When he graduated from college, Ryan Renzi figured he would spend his days in an office, probably wearing a suit, managing other people’s money.

He figured wrong.

After realizing his young career in personal finance wasn’t going to fulfill his own financial ambitions, Renzi took the leap and joined a fast-growing industry that promised more upside potential: fracking. 

Cities of Trade

May 22, 2014

The exchange of goods and services across borders is fundamentally tied to the health of a nation’s economy. Cities, which have historically served as centers of trade, are playing an increasingly vital role in the manufacture and distribution of merchandise goods. With the world’s urban population slated to nearly double over the course of the next half-century, metropolitan areas will likely continue to play an integral part in global trade.



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